Get to Know Gracie Norman

Gracie Norman offers a unique blend of skill, understanding, and dedication in civil litigation, municipal traffic offenses, and probate matters. Her early career, marked by significant courtroom experience, demonstrates her ability to handle trials confidently and with poise. This hands-on experience in the courtroom is a testament to her readiness to advocate effectively for her clients, ensuring their voices are heard and their legal needs are met.

Connecting with Clients

Her innate ability to connect with clients sets Gracie apart as a lawyer. Her empathetic approach and clear communication skills enable her to deeply understand her clients’ situations, helping them navigate their legal journeys and achieve their desired outcomes. Gracie has a special knack for resolving disputes, often finding creative solutions outside of court that others might overlook.

A Diverse Educational Background

Gracie’s legal acumen is rooted in her comprehensive education at the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Law. Her time at law school was characterized by an avid interest in diverse legal subjects, preparing her to serve a broad spectrum of clients.

Gracie played an active role in UMKC’s mock trial and moot court teams, sharpening her ability to argue persuasively with a competitive edge. Participation in the wrongful convictions clinic also molded her perspective on fairness and how the courts work. Her experience there provided valuable lessons about ensuring justice is served impartially. Gracie continues applying what she learned through diverse practical experiences to serving new clients with sensitivity and skill.

Building a Foundation of Legal Skills

Her internships further distinguish Gracie’s journey in law with prosecuting attorneys in Jackson County, Missouri, and Johnson County, Kansas. These experiences were pivotal in developing the practical skills she employs daily in her practice. From drafting legal documents to strategizing case approaches, these internships provided Gracie with invaluable insights into the workings of the legal field.

Roots in Missouri

Born and raised in central Missouri, Gracie’s path to law was sparked by her studies in criminal justice at the University of Central Missouri. It was here that her passion for helping others solve legal problems and achieve their personal goals took root, ultimately leading her to pursue a career in law. Gracie’s deep-seated commitment to justice and her community is a driving force in her practice.

Licensed in Missouri and Kansas

Gracie is a licensed attorney in Missouri and Kansas. With experience practicing law in courts in both Missouri and Kansas, she has developed a profound understanding of the legal issues that regularly impact individuals, businesses, and other organizations in the region. She has served clients in Independence, Kansas City-Missouri, Kansas City-Kansas, Overland Park, Blue Springs, Leawood, Liberty, Lee’s Summit, and other cities. Her dedication to clients and her profession makes her a key resource for those needing legal help in the Kansas City Metro Area and beyond.

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