Deeds Show Proof of Real Estate Ownership

It is easy to confuse the words “deed”, “title”, and “ownership”. When it comes to real estate in Kansas and Missouri, “deed” usually means a document, whereas “title” or “ownership” usually means the legal concept. Clients often use the phrase, “so-and-so’s name on the house”, meaning that the person is an owner of the real estate.

With real estate in Kansas and Missouri, the state does not provide a form-document title that shows ownership, as with automobiles, for example. Instead of a single form, various privately written deeds identify real estate ownership. There are many types of deeds, including a quit-claim deed, warranty deed, special warranty deed, and a beneficiary deed, all of which have separate requirements. Some need to be recorded at the county office, called the “register” or “recorder”, in order to be valid.

Correct deeds require the knowledge of a good real estate attorney. The language of each type of deed in each state is different, creating different ownership rights. Attorney Aaron Cook often corrects faulty deeds made by internet-form documents, mistakenly copied previous documents, and other common errors. The correction often costs much more by legal proceedings, however, than it would have cost to get the deed done right in the first place.

Deeds and real estate ownership are beginning a dramatic change, although the exact form these will take in the future is not certain. Block-chain technology allows owners of any asset, including real estate, to mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a form of deed in order to digitize and simplify real estate transactions. Our firm is preparing to lead clients through this transition as a trusted attorney and advisor.

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Because real-estate deeds can be confusing, Attorney Aaron Cook gets all kinds of questions like: “what is a quit-claim deed?” He consults with clients without cost at his office in Independence, Missouri, for clients in the Kansas City region, or by teleconference for clients’ convenience, to answer questions and to quote fees for legal services.

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