Do I Need a Will?

Clients usually have the same questions about wills when they meet with estate-planning lawyer Aaron Cook. Most people have misunderstandings about wills, and why they should have one. When someone passes away, the laws of Kansas and Missouri direct the person’s property to his or her family. If the person has a will, however, the will overrides the state law and directs the property as written. The only possible exceptions to that relate to the spouse of the person who passed away.
In either case–with a will or without–the property passes to heirs by a probate legal proceeding. The main difference between the two legal cases is whether state law or the will determines who gets the property. In both types of probate cases, thousands of dollars of legal fees will be incurred to pass property on to the heirs.
Thus, when discussing a will, Kansas City lawyer Aaron Cook usually advises clients to use a trust or other means of avoiding probate expenses. At the same time, he often suggests preparing a will as an integral part of planning for all possible scenarios. Formulating a plan with a will allows you and your family to enjoy peace of mind knowing that all your affairs are in order.

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